What is the meaning of the IP address location information?

The IP address query provides the following information:

● IP address: displays the IP address you entered.
● Country code: The country code (or country code) is a set of geographical codes used to represent the country and the territory outside the country, such as CN, which is China;
● Country name: The name of the country to which the IP address belongs, such as "China";
● Area name: The name of the area to which the IP address belongs, such as “Hubei”;
● City name: the name of the city to which the IP address belongs, such as “Wuhan”;
● Internet Service Provider: Internet Service Provider, abbreviated ISP, refers to the company that provides Internet services. Usually, large telecom companies will also serve as Internet providers, such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, etc.;
● Domain name: The service domain name registered by the Internet service provider;
● City longitude: Longitude refers to the ordinate of the spherical coordinate system, and city longitude refers to the longitude of the city;
● City latitude: latitude, the abscissa of the spherical coordinate system, the city latitude refers to the latitude of the city;
● City elevation: the altitude of the area to which the IP belongs;
● Postal code: the postal code of the region to which the IP belongs;
● Time zone: The time zone of the region to which the IP belongs. For example, Wuhan belongs to the East 8th District, UTC/GMT+08:00;
● Network speed: DSL (broadband / cable / fiber), DIAL (dial), COMP (company / T1) or T1;
● International area code: International telephone area code, which is the code assigned to countries by the International Telecommunication Union according to the E.164 standard. For example, 86 - People's Republic of China;
● Domestic area code: The area code refers to the common telephone division number of the administrative areas of major cities in the world. These numbers are mainly used for domestic and international long-distance telephone access. For example, Wuhan District - 027, Beijing District - 010, Guangzhou District - 020, etc.;
● Weather station code: city weather code;
● Name of the weather station: the name of the city weather station;
● Mobile country code: MCC (Mobile Country Code), mobile country code, MCC resources are uniformly allocated and managed by the ITU, uniquely identify the country to which the mobile user belongs, for a total of 3, for example, China is 460;
● Mobile network code: MNC (Mobile Network Code), mobile network code, a total of 2 digits. For example, China Mobile TD system uses 00, China Unicom GSM system uses 01, China Mobile GSM system uses 02, China Telecom CDMA system uses 03;
● Mobile phone operators: mobile network operators, such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom;
● Usage: ISP/MOB (fixed-telephone Internet Service Provider/Mobile Internet Service Provider), CDN (Content Delivery Network), COM (Commercial), DCH (Data Center/Web Hosting/Transport), EDU (University/College/ School), GOV (Government), ISP (Fixed Telephone Internet Service Provider), LIB (Library), MIL (Military), MOB (Mobile Internet Service Provider), ORG (Organization), RSV (Reserved), SES (search engine spiders) and so on.