What should I do if I find a WiFi network but cannot connect to it?

If the device can find the WiFi network, but cannot connect to the WiFi, you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot: (See Figure 1)


【Figure 1】

  1. Check if the wireless router is working normally: You can use other mobile phones or digital products to connect to the WiFi signal. If you can connect and surf the Internet normally, the router can work normally, and the device which cannot be connected is failed.

  2. The phone is turned on airplane mode: Check whether the phone is turned on airplane mode. Turning on airplane mode will cause the phone to turn off the network function.

  3. Password error: Check whether the password of the router WiFi hotspot is entered incorrectly. To modify the password of the hotspot, please refer to: How to Modify the WiFi password and wireless network name? .

  4. The router is down: If you use the router for a long time, the router may appear to freeze. You can restart the wireless router after powering off the router for 5 minutes.

  5. Mobile phone or router network settings are abnormal: Consider restoring router factory settings and mobile phone network settings, please refer to: Restore Router factory settings.